Ulan Tazhibayev Managing Director for Human Resources Management

Dear Friends!

If you head over to this page, so you are interested in work in the Fund or seek information about how our system of transparent recruitment, human resource management, talent development is functioning. Perhaps you are interested in our corporate culture or the spirit of commitment to changes and transformation in our companies.

Even if you are here for other reasons, or by chance, welcome to our website. We will be glad if you find something useful or interesting for yourself.

This site is designed primarily to familiarize potential applicants with the conditions of employment, profiles of available jobs and provide the opportunity to apply for the positions published.

In addition, we will try to spread information on the policies, rules in the field of working with people, accepted in Samruk-Kazyna Fund, as well as on initiatives and projects. I hope this will help you to understand better our values, culture and atmosphere that we create in our company. We invite you to join us and contribute.

To do this, you just need to get acquainted with the open positions, check your compliance with the requirements for the role and make an application.

It is important to read the rules and transparent recruitment procedure, which includes several stages of selection. Perhaps you will find some steps unnecessary and going beyond the normal hiring process into a commercial organization. However, we are a socially responsible company and strive to meet the expectations of our key stakeholders - citizens of Kazakhstan. It promotes respect for the basic principle of any organization in the world - the principle of sustainable development and this is one of our priorities.

Project on Transition to the New Organizational Structure

Samruk-Kazyna Fund in the framework of the transformation based on specific examples of successful international organizations has completely revised the strategy, business model and organizational structure. A new business model of the Fund is approved - the focus on the active investment activities, management and optimization of the asset portfolio. The strategic and commercial units are strengthened while monitoring and support units are completely reorganized.

In addition, we have reviewed more than 2,000 internal processes based on the study of activity of peer leading funds. The qualification requirements are also revised.

Based on the new business model and revised processes it was developed a new organizational structure and launched the project on transition to it. Qualifications missing in the Fund are filled up through a transparent recruitment. Open positions are published on this site.

For convenience and clarity the vacancies are placed in the appropriate sections under the name of the unit in the business model. Brief explanation of the block’s general vision and main objectives are provided on each unit.

Best regards, Chief human resources officer Ulan Tazhibayev